Closer We Come

4/20 is an auspicious date for me this year! Its the date of a pre-release party for "Plow" at the Grey Eagle. George Trouble and the Zealots are honored to be sharing this date and stage with Southern Culture on the Skids! Heck ya! 
In other news - I'm getting ready to do a quick spring tour of the Northeast with Dex Romberger. I've got two new videos from a shoot at the Grey Eagle: Chameleon and Closer We Come. These and others will soon be loaded onto my newly spiffed up You Tube Channel, check 'em out. And if you want to hear me on the radio - tune into AshevilleFM next Monday at 2. I'll be interviewed by Joey Books on his "Life Out of Tunes" show. Last but not least, I'm doing my art presentation "NYC Art 1980s: Early Culture Wars" at Revolve on 4/24! Would love to see you there and share my insights and stories from that pivotal time.