Full Circle

Hey friends - I just uploaded two new videos from my gig at Rockwood Music Hall in Brooklyn last month (top left column on this page). Have a listen. Also just sent out my latest newsletter, which includes an excerpt…

The Journey Begins

My spring touring season is starting already. After 2 NC gigs in January, I've got 3 more in the northeast in February, to coincide with my attendance at the College Art Association annual conference in NYC. I'm also adding the…

Tipsy Burro on Jan. 26th

The Zealots are delighted to play our first gig at the Tipsy Burro. Looking forward to rockin out for all our friends from the Thirsty Beaver and Charlotte!

New Paintings and a Duet with Ed Jurdi!

I finished the "Legend of Tom Dooley", and "Mt. Pisgah" paintings at last! "Snake Handlers" and two others are getting close. You can see them all on my instagram. I'll be uploading them to my art site this week…

Heading Back to Nashville

I'm heading back to Nashville next week, after a great time there last week at Americana Festival. I'm playing with Anna Joy Harris, a talented songwriter, who I met at Cafe Rooster. 

I've got some paintings hanging at the…


Paintings at Noble Kava and Americana Fest Here I Come!

Good times were had at Riverfest! I'll have some video from that soon.  Now I'm heading back to Nashville for Americana Fest! Wish me luck networking. 

Over 20 paintings are now on view at Noble Kava Bar at 268…

REVIEW: Perfect for the times we find ourselves in

Fred Mills, editor of Blurt, a national music magazine, just wrote a great review of Jawbone. Thanks pal!

The Upshot: Asheville visual and musical artist serves up a memorable rawk ‘n’ roll platter that is perfect for the times