George Trouble-"Plow" and The Zealots-"Jawbone" are here..soon to be available on iTunes and CDBaby and Spotify, etc..

What's Happening this summer? 

Lots of behind the scenes going on!

  • The Fleetwoods show video is being edited.
  • Booking some Nashville shows and possibly Atlanta and Athens
  • "Another Head" animation progressing slow but steady
  • Have a show in Carrboro on June 16th at 2nd Wind
  • Pulling my press packet together at last
  • Writing about my East Village days in the 1980s for a lecture
  • AND making a new series of paintings in my spare time - see the latest work in progress on my George Terry McDonald Art Facebook page.



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Interweaving exuberant melodies with piercing insight, The Zealots' 2018 release “Jawbone” is the most recent evidence of the range of George Terry McDonald's songcraft. The 14 songs on this, their 4th album, delivers a cohesive body of work which expands and intensifies their vision. From folk-rock to reggae, to ska, punk and jangle-pop, the diverse styles of “Jawbone” are unified by its determination to explore our fraught relationships with our culture and each other. Themes of greed, inhumanity, self-deception and abuse are the evils on which “Jawbone” sets its sights.