REVIEW: Perfect for the times we find ourselves in

Fred Mills, editor of Blurt, a national music magazine, just wrote a great review of Jawbone. Thanks pal!

The Upshot: Asheville visual and musical artist serves up a memorable rawk ‘n’ roll platter that is perfect for the times


Nashville & Beyond!

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What's Happening this summer?

Lots of behind the scenes going on!

  • The Fleetwoods show video is being edited.
  • Booking some Nashville shows and possibly Atlanta and Athens
  • "Another Head" animation progressing slow but steady
  • Have a show in Carrboro on June 16th at…

The Zealots Video Shoot- Fri, May 18th- 8pm - Fleetwoods

This Friday we will be playing the songs from The Zealots-"Jawbone" and George Trouble-"Plow"..We plan to use this show to promote the release of these long-awaited records in the Fall. Join us for big fun and be a part of…

Records Are Here- Here We Come!

George Trouble-"Plow" and The Zealots- "Jawbone" are in hand now..Just in time for the Dex Romweber/George Trouble-"Wild Love" tour..

The dates have changed since the last message- We started in Carrboro 3/24 at The Station- coming up:...3/30- 10th Ave…


New Records and a George Trouble/Dex Romweber Tour

New albums: The Zealots - Jawbone and George Trouble - Plow will be available April 1st!

Jawbone is the Zealot's fourth record. Plow is George Terry's first solo release. We hope to have record release parties in various towns…

Dex Romweber & George Trouble East Coast Tour! 3/30-4/10 

Hi Friends of Zeal!!

The Zealots - "Jawbone" and George Trouble - "Plow" will be available April 1st. Jawbone is the Zealot's fourth record and Plow is George Terry's first solo release! We hope to have big record release…


The Zealots-"Jawbone": Sneak Preview

Hi Friends of Zeal! We are working on the final pieces of the puzzle for releasing The Zealots 4th record..our best by far.."Jawbone".

Today, you can download wav files of 4 of the songs..Check out our player on the…


The Zealots- Thurs., Nov. 2nd; Foggy Mountain Brew Pub

Hi Folks! Come see us play our new favorite venue in Asheville. Foggy Mtn Brew Pub is right beside The Altamont Theatre on Church St. Great food and a cool coterie of regulars. You'll hear some new songs that are…