New Records and a George Trouble/Dex Romweber Tour

New albums: The Zealots - Jawbone and George Trouble - Plow will be available April 1st!

Jawbone is the Zealot's fourth record. Plow is George Terry's first solo release. We hope to have record release parties in various towns later this year.

Meanwhile we're going on tour! Old pal Dex Romweber (Flat Duo Jets), is energized to be touring with George Terry in late March through early April, including Hill Country BBQ, in NYC (4/8) and at their DC location (4/9).  

Also, on May 18th, Dex Romweber and Rod Hamdallah (Legendary Shape Shifters) will join The Zealots at Fleetwood's on Haywood in West Asheville for a video shoot gig!!!!!

It'll get greasy!

Get all the details in the calendar above. We will also be playing in NJ, PA, Philly, and Baltimore!  Watch twitter for updates. This will be a legendary tour, and we hope to see you then!